The Birth of HashPanda

A social and fairly launched token on the Binance Smart Chain

On May 10th 2021, a new social meme token contract was issued on the Binance Smart Chain. This marks the beginning of something big. Not because it’s another meme token — but because its goal to become fairly and socially distributed.


The HashPanda project approaches distribution in a unique and innovative way. By allocating 40% of all supply for public distribution, this project is supposed to become community owned. Everyone should have a stake, especially these who love and believe in Pandas.

The distribution happens gradually. For this campaign, 4 wallets have been allocated 10% of supply each, to distribute over the following days.


Token economics are kept simple, and in favor of long-term believers. A 5% tax is levied on every transaction for liquidity, and 3% of each transaction is distributed to token holders. As for the supply, 50% was burned on launch, 40% is evenly distributed, 5% is allocated for growth and development and 5% is made available on PancakeSwapV2 as “open liquidity”.


Join the #PandaGang. These are the still early days, for HashPanda, the Binance Smart Chain, and one might even argue, Bitcoin. Participate, spread the love for Pandas, or just check out our Telegram to say hi. The Panda revolution is here.

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.