Longevity of BSC Tokens

Price progression for the typical BSC token

Looking at the current BSC ecosystem, especially the most recently launched tokens, it appears that 90% of them are straight pump & dumps. This is a new phenomenon in the crypto-sphere, and was rarely seen in Ethereum ICOs back in 2017/2018 when projects at least had _something_ to show for.

We are even more surprised by the contact requests we get from “marketing gurus” who claim and promise to pump our token 5x, using a specific Reddit post, a video or some other “secret” tactic. Clearly, there is demand for this by projects. But also from token holders, who want to chase from pump to pump. Is this what BSC tokens are supposed to provide?

We desire slow & stable growth. We prefer stability (of course with an upwards trending price) due to the utility aspect of our token. If a token is supposed to be used, stored and exchanged, it shouldn’t be growing and falling in 5x oscillations that are fueled exclusively by hype.

As we’ve already discussed in our decentralized distribution model, real growth happens slowly due to a wide token holder base — which is what we are aiming for. It is based on people who buy tokens because they really want to use them, or because they believe in the project long-term. Long term growth is not built by appealing to day traders who want to make a quick buck.

We’re relying on a decentralized distribution approach as our main model, to create a fair token-holder base, and to ensure sustainable growth. This distribution mechanism takes 4–8 weeks and is reflected by gradual growth. We are sure this growth will be long-lasting, to the benefit of everyone.

Finally, it all comes down to value. If the growth of a token is based on hype alone, its price will revert to the baseline just as fast as it grew. With HashPanda, we are building an ecosystem of dApps, powered by the Panda meme token. We are working behind the scenes, not on pumping the coin but on building and creating products for the cryptocurrency/BSC ecosystem. Pump & dumps come and go, as the name suggests. Value is created slowly but lasts.

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.