Becoming the most Decentralized Meme Token

The biggest DogeCoin holder owns 28% of all Doge supply. This person alone could crash the prize by approximately 96%, judging by today’s available liquidity. We believe this is a huge problem, and not a good foundation for such a significant meme-token (or any token for that matter).

With HashPanda, we want to challenge the status quo. Not by launching a token with another meme (a dog breed, a cat, a rocket, a moon, Elon, or some combination of these) but by focusing on a fair and sustainable token distribution.

Aside from our utility aspect, this is the most unique value proposition by HashPanda. We want to create a fair and decentralized token distribution, getting our token in as many hands as evenly as possible.

A Push vs. Pull Distribution

Our solution is a push based distribution, where HashPanda sends out tokens (via air-dropping them) to Binance Smart Chain users. We select users randomly who interact with the chain (all BSC transactions are public by nature) and send these lucky users PANDA tokens. Paying the network fees out of our own pockets. HashPanda’s goal and first major milestone is to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of users.

An Innovative Method

BSC costs are somewhere in between Ethereum and Solana, with network transaction fees of around $0.3. Can we send out transactions to thousands or millions of users? We believe the benefits outweigh the cost.

For the Benefit of Holders

Ultimately, we desire to create a fair and socially distributed meme token, with a holder base that is as decentralized as possible. This is done through a relatively underused model (due to the high network fees, until now) by rewarding network users “randomly”.

If you’ve received PANDA, welcome to the #PandaGang. HashPanda aims to become the most decentralized meme token on BSC, and potentially in all crypto within a short time frame.

Check out our Website or join our Telegram to participate, as over 14,900 Panda fans already do.

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.