We want to be transparent about mistakes, and this is a mistake that happened to us very recently. We deployed a contract on May 10th that traded for a couple hours and then suddenly stopped trading. What happened?

After a sleepless night of research by the team members, it turns out the referenced PancakeSwapV2 address was faulty. The contract requested the swapAndLiquidify function which could not be executed since it was expecting the PancakeSwapV2 router address.

The only solution was to “fork” and create a new contract. It is fortunately or unfortunately the nature of DeFi. If something goes wrong it’s irreversible. There are no central institutions to bail one out, no help desk or support who can fix such problems or adjust the rules. Code is code, and it is what we are signing up for.

HashPanda is the resulting project, launched with a contract that was double-checked to avoid such issues in the future. It has been verified and will be audited to guarantee it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Our mission remains: to make cryptocurrencies mainstream. We learned from the issue, and promise it won’t hold us back from achieving what we set out to achieve.

In summary, this is the official contract address, with a smart-contract that is working as intended: 0x8578Eb576e126f67913a8bC0622e0A22EBa0989A

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.