We welcome all new project supporters and Panda lovers! Here are a few things we would like to address.


We’ve received over 160,000 form submissions to participate in our first airdrop. However, judging by the required criteria, only approx. 12,000 submissions are valid. This presents a challenge: we need to filter through all responses and identify which are faulty/spam and which are not. We will be processing valid entries but due to the amount of submissions this will take a longer time than expected.


The project was rebranded to HashPanda. The contract is launched and working. This marks the beginning of something big. We are also scaling up marketing efforts with announcements following shortly and a plan to increase community-involvement for content and promotion.


The mission is to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses. We want to produce dApps for mainstream users, create engaging content, grow an active community, and create value by promoting crypto using Guerilla marketing tactics to reach new audiences. There are many plans, including a meme-based content platform featuring tipping and rewards, a NFT launch-pad with virality mechanisms, giveaways, content rewards, and major distributions for future airdrops. We are currently in the process of scaling a global development team to make this happen over the coming weeks and months.

For further infos, visit our updated website: https://hashpanda.co

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.