Few projects on BSC make it beyond the one-month mark. HashPanda is now more than five months old, and we’re sure there are many months and years to come. Today presents a big turning point for HashPanda with a big announcement.

However, before announcing our decision and its implications, let…

Can you quickly explain the idea behind HashPanda?

HashPanda aims to be the most decentralized meme-token, surpassing DogeCoin in the number of holders while having a fairer distribution. …

TLDR: For every 100k additional PANDA holders, HashPanda is burning 1% of all supply. This will result in a faster distribution, lower market cap, higher upside potential, and increased scarcity of PANDA tokens.

HashPanda was launched with the mission to create a fair and decentralized token by distributing it to…

So you’ve received PANDA tokens. First thing that comes to mind, as we’ve anticipated when planning this project: is this thing dangerous?

We will address common questions in regards to our decentralized distribution model that are frequently raised after receiving PANDA tokens. …

The biggest DogeCoin holder owns 28% of all Doge supply. This person alone could crash the prize by approximately 96%, judging by today’s available liquidity. We believe this is a huge problem, and not a good foundation for such a significant meme-token (or any token for that matter).

With HashPanda…

Price progression for the typical BSC token

Looking at the current BSC ecosystem, especially the most recently launched tokens, it appears that 90% of them are straight pump & dumps. This is a new phenomenon in the crypto-sphere, and was rarely seen in Ethereum ICOs back in 2017/2018 when projects at least had _something_ to show for.

We want to be transparent about mistakes, and this is a mistake that happened to us very recently. We deployed a contract on May 10th that traded for a couple hours and then suddenly stopped trading. What happened?

After a sleepless night of research by the team members, it turns…

We welcome all new project supporters and Panda lovers! Here are a few things we would like to address.


We’ve received over 160,000 form submissions to participate in our first airdrop. However, judging by the required criteria, only approx. 12,000 submissions are valid. This presents a challenge: we need to…

A social and fairly launched token on the Binance Smart Chain

On May 10th 2021, a new social meme token contract was issued on the Binance Smart Chain. This marks the beginning of something big. Not because it’s another meme token — but because its goal to become fairly and socially distributed.

The official contract address is: 0x8578Eb576e126f67913a8bC0622e0A22EBa0989A


The HashPanda project…

HashPanda #PANDA

A social token on the Binance Smart Chain. A tribute to Pandas.

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